Summer is time to dress up your feet! We have nailed down a few exciting trends to spice up your 2018 look. Check out the new nail art shades, designs, styles, and textures to drive attention to your feet. There are accent gems, shimmery blends, heavy sparkle, chic ombre, and hand-painted floral art to lure you.

Dazzling Nail Art Designs to Discuss with Your Pedicurist

Ask for a pedicure first. For top to toe beauty, your feet need to look as fabulous as your skin and hair. At Essentique Salon & Spa in Winnipeg, we offer a full range of spa and salon services including pedicures and manicures and more to pamper you.
Our pedicure starts with a refreshing foot bath, followed by feet grooming and massage. Once your feet are scrubbed and fresh, decide the colours and designs to do up your toes. You don’t need to stick to just one shade anymore.

2018 is all about mixing and matching. See how:

Glitter Galore: Glitter looks great but it takes more effort to remove the coat. For a new look, glitter up your big toe in your favourite shade and paint the rest with a solid finish in the same shade. For instance, use a sparkling shade of deep purple on your big toe and the same shade on the colour palette such as lavender in an opaque finish for the rest. You could also try some simple nail art designs. Tell your pedicurist to paint snow white, soft pink or lemon coloured flowers, polka dots, stripes or hearts on a shimmery dark background such as black or chocolate. It’s a fun style to wear to the beach or pool.

Earthy Shades: Stand out with an innovative idea that will match most outfits. Use different earthy shades on each of your toenails over which you can paint fine leaves or branches. Earth shades are warm colours that come in all shades of green, brown, rust red, yellow and white. This is a great look for the fall season too.

Go Bold in Gold: Why leave a party without making an impact? A glaze of shiny gold, silver, chrome or bronze coloured polish looks chic, goes well with all outfits and is sure to turn heads. Try different shades of gold or chrome on different toes for a conversation starter. Here’s another idea if you’re looking for something bolder. Paint alternate toes, starting with the big toe in shimmery gold. Coat the other two in solid white or black over which you can have delicate gold flecks that look like stars in the night sky.

Gem of a Look: Embellish your toes in gorgeous gems, crystals or pearls in white, pale pink or shimmery shades over a solid coat of paint for a unique look. Designs in this style are perfect for glamorous evenings that demand open-toed, dressy sandals.

Stained-Glass Style: This is not a DIY design. Consult our professionals if you wish to try this style. It requires skill, finesse and good colour sense to create a stained glass effect. Outline the design in black and fill in with bright hues for the stained glass painting look. Apply a clear top coat to ensure the design lasts longer. A simpler version would be a zigzag pattern filled with bright colours.

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