Hot stone fusion massage is a technique that uses both hot and cool stones on key areas of the body to release stress, aches and pains. It fuses advanced clinical massage techniques with heat therapy to warm the muscles and work deeper to relax the body.

Types of Stones for Hot Stone Fusion Massage

Special stones are used for the purpose. They are natural with mineral-rich healing properties.

Marble and Basalt Stones: Marble and basalt stones are commonly used in place of the therapist’s fingers to release energy flow from blocked points in the body. The high content of iron, magnesium and other trace elements in these volcanic stones relieves pain and stiffness from the body when heated and applied to specific areas.

Himalayan Salt Crystals: Some use hand carved Himalayan salt stones and crystals to settle the nerves, soothe the meridians, flush out toxins and balance the body’s electromagnetic field.

Corestone: The elongated shape of this unique stone helps in trigger point therapy, reflexology and myofascial release. Corestone has the ability to touch deeper nodes in the body. The stone retains heat and cold longer than others making it ideal for therapy.

Benefits of Hot Stone Fusion Massage

The treatment has several benefits:

  • The hot mineral rich hot stones decreases body aches and pains from deep within.
  • The heat increases blood supply to the affected areas, carrying healing oxygen and nutrients to revitalize the organs.
  • The increased blood flow lubricates the joints, making them less stiff.
  • The heat makes sore muscles and connective tissues become more supple.
  • They work deeper to calm the nerves, decrease stress and anxiety.

A hot stone fusion massage is highly beneficial for those who suffer from acute stress, anxiety or are simply looking to rejuvenate on a deeper level.

History of Hot Stone Fusion Massage

Gemstones and stones have been used for healing purposes for thousands of years in many parts of the world. The Chinese have used heated stones for over 2,000 years to improve the function of internal organs. It was also popular in Egypt, South America, Africa, North America, India and Europe. The therapy was also used on pregnant women to ease childbirth, and increase endurance. The cold stones are said to reduce menstruation pain, and slow bleeding after labour. The Romans and Greeks used stones in saunas. They fused hot immersion baths with cold pools for hydrotherapy practices. To date, this tradition is still popular in the region.

Safe Practices for Effective Hot Stone Fusion Massage

Heated stone therapy is said to have been revived by Mary Nelson in 1993. Since then the treatment has gained immense popularity. Stone massage has many variations from full body deep tissue healing to hot stone facials, hot stone pedicures and manicures and hot stone meridian therapy. For the best and safest results, visit a trained professional. If the stone is too hot, it can scald bare skin. A cloth or towel needs to be placed under the stone to protect the skin. The hot stone also needs to be moved around to dissipate the heat or it may burn the skin.

The stone for the therapy needs to be sourced from reliable companies. It needs to be heated to a certain temperature in professional heating appliances designed for spas and massage therapies or they can overheat and burn the client. Make sure your massage therapist is certified and aware about safe practices so you benefit from the treatment without injury.

Luxurious Hot Stone Fusion Therapy in Essentique Salon & Spa, Winnipeg

Make sure you’re in good hands. At Essentique salon and Spa, our hot stone fusion therapy is both relaxing and therapeutic. It helps lower stress, boost circulation, decrease inflammation, back aches and spinal discomfort. Enjoy the luxurious experience in elegant, relaxing settings, under the care of trained specialists at any of our two Winnipeg locations. Call us to schedule an appointment.