Having a professional run their fingers through your hair and rub your scalp is not just a luxury, it also provides lasting health benefits. Your physical and emotional wellbeing can be improved with only one head massage session. Here are the ways you will feel better after this treatment:

Prevent Migraines and Back Pain
The tension in the upper back, neck, and head can cause migraines, headaches, and back pain. This pain can last for days and make routine daily tasks uncomfortable and difficult. A professional will start a head massage by applying pressure to points on the upper back, arms, and shoulders to release knots in muscles. Slowly, they will move up towards the neck and then head to reduce head pain causing blockages and promote better circulation of cerebral fluid. If you suffer from head and shoulder pain or feel tightness in these areas, a head massage may be the solution to your problem.

Promotes Hair Growth
This treatment encourages more blood flow into the scalp, which brings nutrients and oxygen with it to the hair follicle. This boost of nourishment stimulates the growth of your hair, encouraging the production of luscious locks.

Lymphatic Drainage
A head massage encourages the circulation of lymph fluid around your body. This fluid helps speed up the removal of waste and toxins from your system. It can also help prevent swelling after surgery or an injury and is thought to boost your immune system. Many people feel energized once their lymph system has been adequately drained.

Renew Energy Levels
Focusing on releasing tension from the body brings energy back to it. Often, the pressure in the head and neck is a symptom of being in the same position too much – like sitting in an office all day. Having a professional release the tension those muscles build up on a daily basis can restore your energy and leave you feeling less sluggish.

Boost Memory
Sometimes, our short-term memory problems are the result of our brains being overloaded with disorganized thoughts, making it challenging for us to record and collect our thoughts and daily occurrences efficiently. A head massage slows us down, allowing heightened awareness to take over; our thoughts quiet and consciousness is brought to the forefront. Think of it like someone pressing the reset button on your brain. Your memory will feel sharpened, and your mind will run more efficiently.

Relieves Insomnia
Sleeplessness is usually a sign of stress, which can be mitigated through a head massage. This treatment can help you relax and decrease any pain that might be keeping you up. If you find that no matter how much you toss and turn, you can never get comfortable in bed, then it might be time to give your scalp a little TLC.

Combats Anxiety and Depression
Massaging the head promotes oxygen into the brain, which a great way to reduce anxiety and lift your mood. Added oxygen in the brain helps you think creatively and similar to the way exercising can. Some time with a professional working on your head on the outside could help its health on the inside.

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