How Often Should You Get a Body Massage?

Visiting a spa or massage salon has always been associated with indulgence, something to happen every once in a while, on special occasions. But what if that wasn’t the case? What if getting a massage every month, or four times a month, became a normal occurrence? For...

Benefits of a head massage

Having a professional run their fingers through your hair and rub your scalp is not just a luxury, it also provides lasting health benefits. Your physical and emotional wellbeing can be improved with only one head massage session. Here are the ways you will feel...

5 Bold and Beautiful Nail Art Ideas for 2018

Summer is time to dress up your feet! We have nailed down a few exciting trends to spice up your 2018 look. Check out the new nail art shades, designs, styles, and textures to drive attention to your feet. There are accent gems, shimmery blends, heavy sparkle, chic...